Blox Fruits Mistakes To Avoid

1. Ignoring Grinding Fruit!

Make sure to use fruits to help you grind! For example, the Light fruit – it is one of the best grinding fruits and has got good damage. Or, the Dark fruit – it is also good for grinding due to the Elemental effect and it is good for grinding bosses.

2. Quitting!

It sounds easy, but it’s not! Many players get bored and give up while in the First Sea. They will only advance a few hundred levels before giving up. But when you get to level 700, you can advance to the Second Sea – and we think the game gets so much better after this! You need to defeat the Ice Admiral Boss in the First Sea and be at least level 700 to travel to the Second Sea. And of course, there is the Third Sea to conquer as well after this!

3. Focusing Too Much on Fruits!

Don’t spend too much time looking for fruits, trading fruits and mastering fruits. We recommend only focusing on useful fruits like the Light fruit. It is also an Elemental type of fruit. When you start, ignore the ones that don’t help you grind. Check out our fruits wiki here to find out all you need to know about the different Blox fruits!

4. Buying from the Blox Fruit Dealer Cousin!

One of the things to avoid is buying from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin. Spend your Beli or money on your melee upgrades or abilities instead. It’s also better to spend your money on Swords or Guns. Also, the higher your level, the more expensive the fruit from the dealer!

5. Ignoring Your Melee!

You should never ignore your Melee abilities! Increase your Melee Stats rather than focusing on fruits. Melee helps you grind, and the best fighting styles include Death Step, Superhuman and Godhuman. Some melee styles can do super high damage!