Blox Fruits Tier List

Blox Fruits Tier List

If you are wondering which is the best Blox Fruit, or which is the worst – you have come to the right place! We have ranked all the fruits in the game, based on what they can do. Whether it’s a speed boost, strength boost or another power-giving ability – we considered it all when we created this Blox Fruits Tier List!

Want to know what a Beast, Elemental or Natural fruit is? Or what the difference is between a Zoan, Logia or Paramecia fruit? Check out our Blox Fruits Wiki page.

S Tier Blox Fruits

S Tier fruits are considered the best-of-the-best. The ‘S’ ranking stands for ‘Super’, ‘Superior’ or ‘Special’. There is nothing stronger or better than S Tier fruits!

TierFruitNameTypeMoney PriceRobux PriceSpawn ChanceStock Chance
S DoughElemental2,800,0002,4001.34%1.40%
S LeopardBeast5,000,0003,0000.40%0.68%
S SoulNatural3,400,0002,5500.76%1.00%
S VenomNatural3,000,0002,4501.02%1.20%
S DragonBeast3,500,0002,6000.70%1.00%
S BuddhaBeast1,200,0001,6506.60%5.00%
S DarkElemental500,0009508.50%15.00%
S MagmaElemental850,0001,3007.20%10.00%
S LoveNatural700,0001,1507.75%8.00%

A Tier Blox Fruits

Just like with school grades – the ‘A’ in A Tier can be considered one of the best (although not as good as ‘S’ Tier, which is on another level). Fruits ranked in A Tier are some of the best you can get.

TierFruitNameTypeMoney PriceRobux PriceSpawn ChanceStock Chance
A PhoenixBeast1,800,0002,0003.05%3.00%
A LightElemental650,0001,1009.00%20.00%
A ControlNatural3,200,0002,5000.89%1.10%
A RumbleElemental2,100,0002,1002.31%2.25%
A RubberNatural750,0001,2007.20%13.00%
A SandElemental420,00085011.00%15.00%

B Tier Blox Fruits

B Tier fruits can be considered good fruits. They are not as good as A ranking fruits, but they are better than C ranking fruits.

TierFruitNameTypeMoney PriceRobux PriceSpawn ChanceStock Chance
B ShadowNatural2,900,0002,4251.10%1.30%
B QuakeNatural1,000,0001,5006.40%6.00%
B GravityNatural2,500,0002,3001.59%1.70%
B IceElemental350,00075014.00%15.00%
B DoorNatural950,0001,4006.80%7.00%
B ReviveNatural550,000975UnknownUnknown
B StringNatural1,500,0001,8005.70%4.00%

C Tier Blox Fruits

C Tier fruits are average fruits. They are useful for the benefits they provide – but are not as good as B Tier Fruits.

TierFruitNameTypeMoney PriceRobux PriceSpawn ChanceStock Chance
C FlameElemental250,00055014.00%30.00%
C PawNatural2,300,0002,2002.83%1.90%
C FalconBeast300,0006509.50%11.00%
C ChopNatural30,00010013.00%35.00%
C SmokeElemental100,00025012.00%25.00%

D Tier Blox Fruits

D ranking fruits are below average fruits. Because they don’t give great powers or boosts or abilities, they are not that sought after. They are worse than C Tier fruits. They are usually easy-to-get or common fruits.

TierFruitNameTypeMoney PriceRobux PriceSpawn ChanceStock Chance
D BarrierNatural800,0001,2507.80%8.00%
D DiamondNatural600,0001,0008.00%9.00%
D SpringNatural60,00018014.00%20.00%
D KiloNatural5,0005013.00%100.00%
D SpikeNatural180,00038015.00%100.00%
D SpinNatural7,5007512.00%100.00%
D BombNatural80,00022015.00%100.00%