Blox Fruits Script

Blox Fruits Script

You may have heard of some Youtubers or players using Blox Fruits scripts. Scripts are sometimes called hacks, or pastebin hacks. They are lines of code that can give you aim-bot, auto-aim, farm-bot, auto-farm and other special abilities.

If you decide to use scripts, then be aware there is always a risk. Make sure to get your executor programs or scripts from a reliable source. Make sure they don’t contain viruses or other things that can break your computer.

You need an executor program

An executor basically ‘executes’ any code into an in-game command, like auto-farm. It is where you copy and paste a script. Some examples include JJSPloit, Evon or Krnl.

You need a working script

A script basically looks like lines of computer code – almost something you would imagine a hacker using! The script is the instruction for the program. It tells it what to do. Now, because scripts are always changing (because the game gets updated or patched, making the script not working), you will need to search online for them when you need them. An example is below:

  • getgenv().setting = {
    Fov = 50,
    Color = Color3.fromRGB(191, 255, 209),
    LockPlayers = false,
    LockPlayersBind = Enum.KeyCode.L,
    resetPlayersBind = Enum.KeyCode.P,

Paste the script into the executor

It’s that simple – once you have a working executor, and a working script – you just paste the script code into the executor interface. The executor program will run the script and you should see it in action in the game window!

Level up!

Now your script is working, you just need to let it run! To get stronger quicker, we recommend you also follow our guide to 6 THINGS YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DO IN BLOX FRUITS and 5 BIG MISTAKES TO AVOID IN BLOX FRUITS!

See the script in action

Check out this video below of a Youtuber using Blox Fruits scripts: