Blox Fruits Things You Should Do

1. Server Hop!

Server ‘hopping’ is changing servers frequently within the game. We all know that to get EXP fast, you need to defeat the bosses. However, they can have a respawn time of up to an hour. So instead of waiting around for the boss to respawn, ‘hop’ to a different server to find the boss again! That way you can make the most of your time grinding and getting EXP, rather than doing nothing and waiting!

2. Set Your Spawn Point!

When arriving at a new island, make sure to set your spawn point! It helps you get back to the same place without wasting time travelling there.

3. Maxing the Right Stats!

Don’t spend your available points on the wrong Stats – you should always max out the main three Stats for your character. If you are always using the same Stats, it makes sense to focus on them first. You should always level up the below before anything else:

  • Melee
  • Blox Fruit
  • Sword or Gun

4. Use Event Currencies!

Make sure you use the event currencies you get during special events or updates. You can trade event currencies for awesome limited edition items that can make your character stronger, give them more experience or damage.

5. Read Blox Fruits Guides!

The best information is out there on the internet, and you should always read tips, tricks and guides from other players or websites. In fact, we have a section full of News and Guides here that you can check out, completed dedicated to Blox Fruits!

6. Redeem Blox Fruits Codes!

If you are lucky, you will find a working Blox Fruit code that you can redeem in the game. These codes can give you things like free money, Stat resets and experience boosts! They also help you to get stronger in the game, quicker! Our website always has the BEST codes – check them out on our Blox Fruits Codes page!